Candidates: Are you too close to Mr. Trump?

Today was a busy news day for President Trump, Michael Cohen (Mr. Trump’s former attorney), and Paul Manafort (Mr. Trump’s former campaign chair). The New York Times reported the breaking news that Cohen and Manafort were found guilty of felony crimes including tax evasion, bank fraud, and breaking campaign finance laws.

These convictions are serious for the two gentleman and would ordinarily carry considerable prison time for both men. However, these are extraordinary times and their fates are yet to be seen. Why? Because of their relationship with the President of the United States. Their connection to the President will only add to the legal troubles of Mr. Trump. The most serious could be the breaking of campaign finance laws in connection to paying off two women for inappropriate relationships prior to becoming president.

Some commented today on social media that it was a sad day for the country and for the presidency. I do not agree, Today was a day for justice. Two men broke the laws of the land and they were either found guilty by a jury of their peirs or admitted to it openly. As for the presidency, it is larger than any one man and will weather this storm.

My question is: What do all the candidates currently running for office who have put their arm around Mr. Trump have to say? Do they still claim their allegiance to him? I am truly asking, not out of malice or sarcasm. Really, in light of the revelations brought forth today, where do you stand?

David Karaffa

I am a Christian, husband, father (of 7!) and registered nurse. My experience in public office and passion for our country are what drive me. Thank you for your support as we move toward restoring the White House to its intended role, service to the American people rather than a political party.

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