Budgeting and Deficit

Responsible leadership in government is not exclusive to protecting our rights but also to maintaining the financial health of our nation. We should ensure the programs and institutions that all Americans depend on are solvent and strong for our future. Developing and maintaining an annual budget is necessary in order to maintain responsible stewardship of our revenues.

  • Each year a balanced budget should be submitted by the President to Congress that maintains public services and works toward decreasing our national debt.
  • We should require Congress to pass a budget each calendar year.
  • All new discretionary programs of the Executive Branch must identify revenue sources to support them before implementation.
  • The federal government should adopt the philosophy of partnering with states and local governments to encourage co-ownership toward the financial and physical maintenance of their infrastructure.

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David Karaffa

I am a Christian, husband, father (of 7!) and registered nurse. My experience in public office and passion for our country are what drive me. Thank you for your support as we move toward restoring the White House to its intended role, service to the American people rather than a political party.