Gun Ownership

The United States Constitution gives each citizen the right to own firearms. The government should responsibly protect this fundamental right.

  • The Congress should pass laws that close loopholes to ensure mandatory federal background checks on all firearms sales.
  • The Congress should continue to allow the inheritance of firearms, with the exception of assault rifles. Any transfer of ownership of a firearm must include a federal background check.
  • The Congress should pass law that ends the manufacturing or importation of assault rifles into the country for sale to private citizens. The Congress should implement a voluntary fair market value buyback program to remove existing privately owned assault rifles. Those citizens who choose to keep their assault rifle should be required to register the weapon without the option to sell, donate, or bequeath it.

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David Karaffa

I am a Christian, husband, father (of 7!) and registered nurse. My experience in public office and passion for our country are what drive me. Thank you for your support as we move toward restoring the White House to its intended role, service to the American people rather than a political party.