The federal government should implement a National Medical Records System (NMRS) to organize and consolidate our current, frustrating and fragmented medical records systems.

  • Patients should have greater control over their medical record.
  • The NMRS allows for the patients to have the ability to forward their medical record to the doctor of their choice digitally and without charge.
  • The NMRS allows for the maintenance of an accurate medication record that your hospital, pharmacy and medical providers collaborate to maintain.
  • The NMRS allows for prescribers to monitor the prescription and dispensing history of medications, including opioids and other controlled substances, for the safe management of patients’ health.


As a Registered Nurse, I know the rigors of the unit, the pressure of regulations, and the vulnerability that many in our profession feel when it comes to safety, malpractice, and training. Our government should ensure that nurses and auxiliary healthcare staff have the necessary protections in place to safeguard the quality of their profession and ensure that our work continues to be patient focused.

  • Hospitals should be held to account for safe staffing levels on all hospital units according to patient acuity.
  • Hospital staff should have the ability to anonymously report deficiencies to a central hub for disbursement to appropriate regulatory agencies.
  • Hospitals and offices should be held to account for proper training of all patient care equipment prior to use in a clinical setting.

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David Karaffa

I am a Christian, husband, father (of 7!) and registered nurse. My experience in public office and passion for our country are what drive me. Thank you for your support as we move toward restoring the White House to its intended role, service to the American people rather than a political party.