New Gallop Poll Misleading, But Interesting

Gallop released a poll today with the title “Democrats More Positive About Socialism Than Capitalism“. This title would suggest that Democrats’ acceptance of socialism is on the rise when, in fact, the poll doesn’t demonstrate that. The poll did find that Democrats are finding capitalism less appealing than they did in 2016. Conversely, there was a slight increase (4%) of Democrats who have grown more fond of socialism since 2010. The poll also found that as adults age, regardless of political affiliation, they move away from socialist ideology to more of a capitalist ideology; something that has been statistically true for generations.

The part of the poll that I found interesting was the general lack of warmth towards capitalism from young adults (18-29 year olds) when compared to capitalism. However, these same young people gave high marks to concepts of small business, entrepreneurs, and free enterprise. This would demonstrate that they just don’t understand socialism. The study goes so far as to redefine socialism in the eyes of these young people as the government offering public funding for social programs focused on healthcare, education, housing, and education rather than its real definition of “government ownership of businesses”.

A lesson learned for everyone about polls. Be wary of them. Even polls that claim to be unbiased can be, even in their title. Most of the time, in my experience, the main bias of a poll will be found in its title.

David Karaffa

I am a Christian, husband, father (of 7!) and registered nurse. My experience in public office and passion for our country are what drive me. Thank you for your support as we move toward restoring the White House to its intended role, service to the American people rather than a political party.

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