Ashley and I have created these podcast episodes so you can get to know us and become a part of our discussions on a wide range of issues. We sincerely hope you enjoy and feel free to leave questions or comments for us to answer and continue the conversation.

Episode 10: The Mueller Report

By David Karaffa | April 29, 2019 |

This week we discuss the Mueller Report.    

Episode 9: Medicare for All

By David Karaffa | April 15, 2019 |

Join as we discuss “Medicare for All”

Episode 8: Kenny Johnson for Palm Bay

By David Karaffa | September 19, 2018 |

Ashley & I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kenny Johnson who is running for Palm Bay City Council Seat # 4. We hope you enjoy. You can learn more at www.johnson4palmbay.com  

Episode 7: On the National Debt with an Expert

By David Karaffa | September 1, 2018 |

I had a great conversation with James Agresti, President of JustFacts.com. We discuss the National Debt: what it is, how much we owe, and dispel some confusion about the facts we hear in today’s media and politics.

Episode 6: Katye Campbell for School Board

By David Karaffa | August 25, 2018 |

Today, Ashley and I sat down with Katye Campbell who is running for Brevard County School Board District 5 and had a conversation. We hope you enjoy!

Episode 5: Social Media Friend or Foe

By David Karaffa | July 26, 2018 |

Today, Ashley and I discuss Social Media, the hearings in Congress, and offer a possible solution to the problem of Fake News.

Episode 4: School Choice

By David Karaffa | June 24, 2018 |

In our fourth episode, Ashley and I discuss and share our opposing viewpoints on school choice and school vouchers.

Episode 3: Man vs Incumbent

By David Karaffa | June 24, 2018 |

In our third episode, Ashley and I discuss the political parties and how they have changed from a home for like minded people into something else. David shares a story about a man who tried to run against an incumbent member of Congress.

Episode 2: Presidential Decorum

By David Karaffa | June 24, 2018 |

In our second episode, Ashley and I discuss social media, its impact on our society and politics, and what we want for the future.

Episode 1: Welcome and School Security

By David Karaffa | June 24, 2018 |

In this first episode, Ashley and I introduce ourselves and give you some of our backstory. We also get into the subject of school security and how that has impacted us as a couple and as parents to our oldest daughter.